Mario Jason 

Mario Jason was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938. He immigrated to the United States in 1962. The traditional European style of Buenos Aires had a profound influence upon is love of classic art. 

Mario began sculpting as a child. Having very little formal training in art, his sculptures are the result of a pure and natural creative aptitude. 

Although Mario's sculptures are traditional by design, he has freed himself from the bonds of classicism by the input of energy. His dancers, though classic in form, exhibit such dynamic force that they appear to be in motion. As a sculptor, Mario is unique because each bronze sculpture is created in its entirety exclusively by himself. Mario is not only the artist who conceives the idea and forms it into clay or wax, he is also the mold maker, the foundry man and the finisher. He is a perfectionist. With loving attention, each step is carefully executed until the finished bronze is complete and has met with the artist's high standards. 

Mario has participated in various exhibitions and competitions. As a participant in one of Beverly Hills' most prestigious exhibitions, Mario's sculptures have been constant prize winners, taking both the Mayor's Award and the Best of Show Award within a group of more than two-hundred artists. As a supporter of the ballet, he has donated several sculptures which have been sold at auction generating thousands of dollars in scholarships for the education of aspiring young dancers.