Sculptor Howard Jason born 1968 - Working as a professional Sculptor, Howard Jason's sculptures have become nationaly and internationaly recognized. They can be found in many art collections and he has received numerous commissions from both private and public collectors.

Born in Los Angeles in 1968 Jason's calling to become an Artist came at an early age when his talents were recognized by his teachers. Howard was also influenced at a young age by his father Mario Jason, who decided to sell his business and become a professional Sculptor and is now world renowned.

Following his graduation from Otis Parsons Art Institute and post-graduate study at the Pasadena Art Center, Jason began working alongside his father in the foundry he had built in Los Angeles.

Howard's first endeavors were Marine Life sculptures. He became enthralled by marine creatures when at the age of ten his parents bought a boat which they would take out every weekend on the high seas. He found an alternate world which to connect with. 

Concentrating on marine life, Jason's reputation for creating works of unerring detail quickly began to build. "Daydream In Blue" a massive sculpture of five Dolphins leaping from the water was immediately aquired by a private collector in 1994.

Before he turned 30, Howard Jason was invited to exhibit three sculptures at the Mystic Maritime Museum in Mystic, Conneticut.

In 1997 Jason's focus began to reflect a new interest in children. Recently married and then a new father, Jason began sculpting life-sized figures depicting young girls and boys caught up in moments of play. Jason's work brilliantly captured the subtle playfulness and curiosity of children.

In 1998, the bronze sculpture "Puppy Love" was purchased by pop music star, Michael Jackson and is exhibited at the Neverland Ranch.